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Virtual Therapy To Help You Regulate & Communicate

Learning about ourselves, what we value, and how to identify emotional needs in relationships can be challenging on our own! If you're looking to develop tools to regulate your emotions, communicate more effectively, and improve your connections with the people in your life, you've come to the right place. Maybe you'd like to navigate complex poly dynamics through setting healthy boundaries or work through feelings of jealousy, fear, or insecurity. Maybe you'd like to have your partners understand you better or set different expectations within your sexual or romantic relationships (poly, open, or mono). Sometimes when things start to feel hard, it can be difficult to maintain our healthy communication skills, and we can feel like we’re not being heard. Finding adaptive ways to meet our needs becomes difficult, and at times we shut down or lash out at our partners. Therapy can be a wonderful tool for addressing stressors that impact our relationships, helping to heal from past experiences and traumas, and to find a path back to a healthier place. You can learn how to set healthy boundaries, take better care of yourself, and be more present in your life. As you grow and change, so will your communication skills, self esteem, and sense of fulfillment. You are not alone. Reach out today to start exploring and healing!

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“Being the 'best you can be' is really only possible when you are deeply connected to another. Splendid isolation is for planets, not people.”

Sue Johnson

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Therapy a cooperative relationship between people - in this setting a therapist and a client. It is helping you grow, learn about yourself, and ultimately heal. It's people sitting down and having a conversation. No judgments, no psychobabble. Just support and collaborative growth.


Therapy is for everyone. Stressed partners, frustrated activists, anxious students, non-binary and trans folx, readers, musicians, kinksters, artists, people with lots of problems or just a few. Therapy is for everyone. 


I specialize in attachments and communication. The work we do will help uncover issues you may not be aware of yet, help you learn to understand it and work past it. We'll work together to learn to learn skills to manage stress and emotions, and work on how to communicate in a deep, effective way. Clients explore their emotional needs and values, and gain clarity in what they want in their relationships, friendships, work, polycule dynamics, and more. Therapy is only part of the process. The more you practice outside of session and make this part of your life, the more results you will see. 


Therapy isn't a magical fix. It's a process that happens gradually.

Therapists don't just listen and give advice- it's a collaborative process that involves both people putting in effort.

Therapy isn't just for people with money or really tough problems. It's challenging and takes courage and strength. Anyone can benefit from therapy. It's a healthy way to learn more about yourself and to gain life skills.

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