A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

I didn't always know I would be a therapist. I started off in school studying German Literature and Philosophy, but after a few too many degrees I decided I wanted to get out of the world of academia and help people. I studied therapy at Duquesne and became a Licensed Professional Counselor. I've been working with clients since 2015 and have experience in mental health, substance use, sex addiction, and attachment-based couples therapy. I'm focused on helping people dig deeper in therapy and to learn more about what makes us put up walls and run away.


Burnout is a common cause for withdrawing from work and relationships. Learning how to manage feeling overwhelmed and to practice healthy boundaries and self care will help combat corporate and relationship burnout. I use emotionally focused therapy combined with a few other evidence-based practices to teach people how to manage emotions, share openly and honestly and rebuild connection.  

Communication issues look different for everyone. Burnout presents differently for everyone. Sometimes it's a girlfriend struggling with navigating consent and conversations around sex in a partnership, sometimes it's a couple fighting and pushing each other away emotionally. Men looking to find a way to have balance between work life and home life. Individuals looking to be able to set boundaries with family, or ask for some space to decompress after work. I ask people to try to come in with an open mind and a willingness to do the work. Therapy isn't magic or an overnight fix. It's hard and messy but also beautiful and fiercely rewarding. This work is for all of you who want to change but don't know how, are frustrated by the stress of ineffective communication in your relationships, workplaces, and families, and want to build something better. Using a collaborative approach you can start to feel understood, communicate your needs, and find connection in your life. 


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