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A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

My name is Katie Hido and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. I graduated from Duquesne University in 2014 with a Masters in Philosophy and a Masters in Relationship Counseling. I love helping people learn more about themselves, cultivate a connection with their intuition, and grow as an individual. I tend to use a lot of humor in my sessions, and believe that bringing our authentic selves to therapy can help form healthy bonds to support the work we're doing together. I have an eclectic educational background, studying philosophy and literature before ending up as a therapist. My interest in phenomenology and existentialism drives my fascination with exploring our inner world and how we relate to others. I've been working with clients since 2015 and have experience in mental health, substance use, and attachment-based therapy. I'm focused on helping people dig deeper in therapy and to learn more about what makes us put up walls and run away. The more we learn about how we react, the better we can learn to respond in a healthy way.

I started Gray Cat Counseling in the beginning of 2020, and have been fully remote since then. I became inspired to open my own practice after building a behavioral health department at my former job. I knew I enjoyed building something that helped others, and wanted more autonomy over my day-to-day schedule. I named the practice Gray Cat Counseling after a kitten I rescued who had been abandoned in the woods. I feel that a lot of people start out feeling alone and unloved, confused, and lost. Therapy can be a warm, safe place to provide belonging, acceptance, and the tools to find ourselves. I saw that kitten grow into a secure, confident cat who experienced love, support, and stability in his adoptive home. I believe that we all deserve a chance to be supported, to have someone hold space for us as we create our own security, and build our own internal resources.


I ask people to try to come in with an open mind and a willingness to do the work. Therapy isn't magic or an overnight fix. It's hard and messy but also beautiful and fiercely rewarding. This work is for all of you who want to change but don't know how, are frustrated by the stress of ineffective communication in your relationships, workplaces, and families, and want to build something better. Using a collaborative approach you can start to feel understood, communicate your needs, and find connection in your life. 

Communication issues look different for everyone. Burnout presents differently for everyone. Sometimes it's a partner struggling with navigating consent and conversations around sex in a partnership, sometimes it's a couple fighting and pushing each other away emotionally. People looking to find a way to have balance between work life and home life. Individuals looking to be able to set boundaries and expectations with open relationships, sexual partners or romantic interests.

Miscommunication  is a common cause for withdrawing from friends and relationships. Learning how to manage feeling overwhelmed and to practice healthy boundaries and self care will help open the door to constructive conversation, and regulate feeling overwhelmed and stuck. I use emotionally focused therapy combined with a few other evidence-based practices to teach people how to understand and regulate emotions, share openly and honestly, and build authentic connections.  

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